Winning my menopause battle with HRT

Now don’t they say things happen in three’s?

Well today it is three months since I went to the doctor’s after my battle with the menopause.

The doctor prescribed me three month’s supply of HRT, and today I am going back to see her again.

And thirdly, it is only National Menopause Day today!

I didn’t know that when I made the appointment so let’s have a catch up.


I know it is a cliché, but I didn’t realise three months ago how bad I was suffering with the menopause. I will admit that I have been worried since my first visit to the doctor, about whether or not I am doing the right thing taking HRT, but now I couldn’t go back to the way I was.

In my previous blog, I’m going through changes, I spoke of how I felt one month in.  Now I’m one day away from a full 12 weeks and I feel my body has nearly adjusted to the hormones.  My boobs seem to be the only thing that have been affected since I started taking HRT. They were killing me three weeks in. I used to suffer tenderness when I was due on anyway, but getting that discomfort again was a shock to the system.

Mid-month two, I found myself investing in what I call a sleep bra.  I found that, because my boobs were so tender, my ‘cocker spaniel ears’ – as named by GQ magazine many years ago – were waking me up when I wanted to move at night.  The pain as they flopped from side to side was too much to bear.  After much bra research, I invested in a couple of soft sport like bra’s from Marks and Spencer.  I wear them every night now and get a full, restful sleep.

My visit was brief, a quick catch up about how normal I now feel, blood pressure check, prescription for six months and I’m good to go.  No need for me to re-visit for one year, unless I have any concerns.  I am positive that my HRT journey will continue to stay on track.

I can’t say this enough, but just talk to your doctor.  Don’t suffer in silence like I was doing.  You don’t have to take the HRT route, but it is good to talk about it to a professional.

Do you have any HRT or menopause stories you wish to share?

Tracy x

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