While away the stress with a long soak in the bath

Soapsmith Bath Soak

Heaven in a jar!

I have this bath soak in their Camden Town range. It is an utter joy to use. The scent is amazing and it lingers in the house long after the water has vanished down the plughole.

Jar of Soapsmith bath salts with rubber duck
Camden Town

Before I bought this product, having a bath had become a thing of the past. Who has the time these days? It’s a quick douche in the shower and off you go. This product though has changed all that. It is so intoxicating you just don’t want to get out until the water starts to chill you. When you do get out you get to keep the magic of this product as it leaves a layer of essential oil.

This bath soak contains coconut, bergamot and white musk. The dead sea salts, soothe and revitalise the skin. 

I will definitely be trying some of the other scents, but at the moment I am addicted to this one. Having a bath is definitely back in fashion. 

Jar of Camden Town bath soak
Camden Town

Soapsmith is a British brand, inspired and made in London by Samantha Jameson. The products are 100% recyclable, contain organic ingredients and are vegan friendly.

I can only talk positively about this brand and cannot wait to try their other products.

The bath soak comes in a 500ml pot and costs £25.

Visit their website for more information: https://soapsmith.com

Love, love, love! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Tracy x


  1. Liz Smalling
    August 20, 2020 / 6:24 pm

    I have already used this product and am a big fan. You can just lay back and relax, and float away to a happy place as you soak up the deliciousness of this product. The fact that it leaves your skin silky smooth afterwards is an added, and welcome, bonus!
    I am definitely going to be trying the rest of their range. Watch this space!

    Lizzie x

    • tracybeautychick
      August 20, 2020 / 7:13 pm

      Hi Lizzie, I can’t wait to try some more products from Soapsmith. Glad you like this bath soak as well. Tracy x

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