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Have you ever thrown away your pressed powder or eyeshadow because it doesn’t work anymore? No matter how hard you rub your sponge or brush over it there is no powder or pigment coming off it!

Top Tip

So, what causes this?

It is oil. Oil (sebum) from your skin. As you apply the product to your skin you pick up oil on the brush or sponge and then, when you dip it back into your product, you add this oil which forms a barrier over the powder. 

All is not lost. Your product is not ruined and only fit for the bin.

Get yourself some sticky tape and press it on the product. When you remove the tape you will take away this oily layer and see the fresh new powder underneath.

Apply clean sticky tape to powder
Apply clean sticky tape to powder

Now you have a nice clean product, clean your brushes and sponges as well. Ideally do this every time you use them and you will stop this transfer of oil onto the product.

Lift off! Powder stuck to sticky tape
Lift Off! Powder stuck to sticky tape

Simples eh!

Want another top tip?

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