Three amazing cleansing balms you must try

Now I’m not a lover of the saying “I’m a bit late to the party”, because if I’m late it’s because I chose to be.  Sometimes I don’t jump in first, but prefer to see how things go.

When I first came across balm cleansers, probably some six years ago now, it was from the brand Elemis, and I loved them.  I loved the melting texture; the scent was divine and the way it just emulsified when you added a few drops of water.  I never bought it as was £40, and I thought that was a lot just for something to clean my skin. I am a cleanse and tone girl, which to me is far quicker.  In fact, I had never really used a cleanser that required water.  I know this is silly, but it was because my hair would get in the way and get wet!  What makes this excuse even more bizarre is the fact that I have always used a headband to keep my hair off my face whenever I am doing my skincare routine! Give myself a smack!

I’ve gone on to try loads of balm cleansers since this and now use one daily.  They leave the skin feeling so clean, nourished, and not tight after rinsing.

When I was working at Clinique Laboratories, I sold bucket loads of Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. This is a great product.  You can even take off your eye make-up with this.  For me the only thing missing to wow me even more is a beautiful scent.  I know! Clinique are fragrance free!  I was just saying!  I’m a person who is enamoured by scent.  It gives me such great memories of times and treatments throughout my career.

These days my “late to the party” product of choice is Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm.  I finally got this cleanser last week and OMG!  Yes, the scent is amazing.  The texture is like velvet on the skin.  I could use this every day.  However, I only got a small taster size for £10, so it is currently my treat product.  It comes with its own cleansing cloth, which is recommended, as one side cleanses the skin whilst the other polishes the skin.  Again, it is the price that put me off the purchase initially.

Cleansing Balms and face cloth

Selection of cleansing balms and face cloth

What I love about this time of year is all the small gifts you can buy, and get products to try for basically a good price.

I would recommend that you use your balm cleanser as a second cleanse on the skin, so that all those oils nourish and clean the skin.  If your cleanser is called make-up remover, then I would use this first to remove foundation base.  Check if it is a cleanser that can be used on the eyes.  As I said above, the Clinique one can be.  You can use this cleanser twice if it is all you have, but do make sure you always double cleanse.  Remember, you wouldn’t get in the shower with your coat on, you would take it off first then cleanse your skin.

If you have a cleansing balm which you love, then let me know as I would love to try it.

Tracy x

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