Stop damaging your eyelashes and grow your own

I have never been a lover of beauty products and treatments that actually damage you!

False nails; I would rather work with you and get you to grow your own by using the correct products and having some knowledge about your nails.  This I have achieved many times.

Eyelash extensions; I have seen so many sparse eyelashes and bald eyes due to repeated use of strip and individual extensions, pulling them off, picking the glue and obviously allergic reactions to the solvent.

In my opinion these treatments are great quick fixes.  If you are doing them once for a special occasion then that is just fine.  Seeing nails that have been filed and filled for years on end and that are now thinner than paper is mortifying.  Along with eyes that have no beautiful lashes because the adhesive has been constantly picked off, even breaking the hair shaft it has adhered to because of continual application.

After trying many eyelash serums there is one that I would recommend time and time again – Revitalash.

Revitalash eyelash erum

I first researched this company many years ago when I was looking to stock this range in my beauty salon. What I liked about the product was the fact that a doctor had created it.  Dr Michael Brinkenhoff who had over 30 years in ophthalmology.

I spoke with other beauty salon owners who also stocked it for their feedback, mainly because the price was so high.  I didn’t want to sell something that wasn’t going to give results as these were my loyal clients and I have never sold anything to just make money.  I’m far too honest for that!

If you have looked this product up you will know that it is quite a financial outlay.  Back then it was only just the eyelash serum, but today it is a whole range of eye products.  It only came in one size and retailed at £97.  Ouch!

Today it comes in 1ml for £52 – 4-6 weeks supply and 2ml for £74 – 3 month’s supply.  On their website you can also find a limited edition 3.5ml for £104.

With the increase of ‘fake’ products on the internet, I would never recommend that you cut corners and buy something that is cheaper.  Don’t even buy one that has been ‘tried and not liked’, as this is now contaminated with that person’s bacteria.  We are talking about your eyes here! Fake products can appear to be the real thing, but do you want to take that risk?

When you first start using this product use it every day.  I chose to use mine every night, but if you have just taken off your eye make-up with an oil-based eye make-up remover then you will need to wash your lashes as oil-based products will cause a barrier between the lash and the Revitalash.

You just need to brush once across the eyelash at the bottom of the lashes, but not onto the skin.  I started to see a difference in the length of my lashes after about two weeks, but I kept up the daily treatment for a month.

Revitalash advanced eyelash serum

I now use the product periodically to be honest.  It quickly gives my lashes a boost.  I do use a lash primer under my mascara, and now Revitalash make a primer and mascara.

I might just give these products a go too.

Tracy x





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