Spanish eyes are smiling

Today I enjoyed a Spanish siesta with an incredible make-up artist, Pati Sanchez-Boto.


Pati was born in Madrid in Spain, but came to Bristol, England 7 years ago when her father bought her a one- way ticket.  With hardly any English to her vocabulary she set about changing that. Her English is now so good you don’t even know that she is Spanish. At the same time needed to get herself a career and she had to decide what she was going to do with her life.  

In 2014 she enrolled on a media make-up course at Bristol college and then followed on in 2016 with a course at the famous BAMM academy.

Since qualifying she has gone on to do many things and I have even had one of her creations looking for her at my place of work, Chris the musketeer!!

Being a leading make-up artist, her skills have enabled her to work on the film set of Spiderman and then on to Cannes to mingle with the stars.

On set

Pati is an extremely highly creative artist.  Her work with the theatre company, Here to There Productions, is truly amazing.  Turning these Shakespearian actors into battle worn soldiers of their time. 

Theatre work

Alongside a career with MAC cosmetics, Pati works freelance in TV, film, theatre, fashion and bridal make-up.  This Spanish import literally lives make-up 24/7.

Pati tells me that when she is working with prosthetics it can be a worrying time.  Along with having to think on your feet when you see your prosthetics starting to move.  One of the difficulties with this sort of work is the skin underneath.  Skin will adapt by way of secreting oil or sweat so your work has got to be of a high quality in order for it to last the performance.  You also have to be able to remove it and restore it for the duration of the play for film which could be weeks even months!

Working on those prosthetics

Pati finds bridal work a real calming experience from TV and film work.  Working with a bride to add that sparkle to her amazing day fills her with such joy.  To be able to create a look for this person that is going to last a life-time. 

Wedding ready

I must say that I have thoroughly enjoyed having a Spanish siesta with Pati.  Apparently they really do sleep!!! However, for us Brits it is more afternoon tea and chat.  Pati is one of those people you feel like you have known all your life.  I just love it when she chatters in Spanish! She talks so fast!

This young lady will go on to do wonderful things.  If you would like to book Pati for work, or see examples then these are her contact details below:


Instagram: patisbotomua

Facebook: Pati S.Boto Makeup


Tracy x

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