Snot monster!

New year new you, isn’t that the saying.  Here we are mid-January 2019 and my health is still struggling.

After my Christmas present of shingles, and just as my skin is starting to get back to normal, my scalp is not so tender and I am desperate to colour my roots, I now have a cold! The right side of my face has what I would describe as a ‘head cold.’ Let’s also throw in a sore throat and more snot than Kleenex can cope with for good measure. I am luckily off work today on a ‘day off.’  I was suffering yesterday, but after having to ring in sick at the end of December I took myself in to work as I am scared to ring in sick again.  My new employer will be thinking have we done the right thing hiring this person?  They have only been with us a month and are sick again!!!

‘I’m never sick’, I cry! I pride myself in having a great immune system but something has gone seriously wrong.  Now I am blaming my jet set lifestyle.  I did have six flights at the end of last year!  

So as my body fights all these infections that are being thrown at it I have had to keep my skincare routine to a minimum.  I have used only products that would not cause any more trauma to my already sensitised skin.

For cleansing each day, I have used my Body Shop cleansing butter.  You have heard me shout about this before.  I love it and when rinsing it off I found comfort in using a warm face towel and holding it on my skin, absorbing the warmth of the towel.

Skincare saviours

I put moisture back into my skin by applying Indeed Labs squalene oil.  I like this oil as it is not an oily oil.  I used a generous amount at night under my moisturiser and only 3 or 4 drops in the day so my skin doesn’t look too oily.

Day and night, to soothe my now sensitive skin, I have applied REN Evercalm day cream.

My doctor recommended that I take a course of vitamin B12.  So off to the chemist I have been.  Hopefully I will start to see an improvement and get back to fitness.  My trainers are loving their holiday!

Have you been under the weather lately?  There seems to be a lot of sickness going around.  Share with me any of your tips for getting through.

Tracy x

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