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More Elasticity than an elastic band.

Skin, it is living, breathing and the largest organ of the human body. Why then do we treat it so badly?  Excessive eating, excessive drinking, excessive sun exposure.  If our skin didn’t cover our body all our organs would fail and fall out.

A recent article about a woman who lost 10 stone three times, she blames her brain for being slow on the up take that she has eaten too much. Now don’t we also have eyes that see exactly what we are eating and how much.

So with this constant yo-yoing your skin can only take so much. Skin is made up of three sections.  In easy terms the bottom layer, down in the basement is the utility room and this is where you will find, gas, leckie and blood.  On the top of the utility room we have the kitchen pantry.  In this large cupboard you will find an amazing array of ingredients, collagen, elastin and fibroblasts to name a few.  Then the roof is made up of five layers of filo pastry.  The bottom one being soft, new and nourished and the top layer dry, dehydrated and flaky.

Now when skin has been stretched to extremes and back again, something has to give. Cracks in its structure is what happens, from down in the basement right up to the roof tiles.  For a short period we can fix these with the aid of oils and stretch mark creams, but unfortunately eventually there are no miracles in bottles.  The next step is the plastic surgeon to get all that skin nipped and tucked.

Surely with all the food information available to us, everyone out there knows that for a healthy lifestyle and weight, a healthy, balanced diet goes hand in hand. I’m sure you will agree that a fast food breakfast, burger and chips lunch, with a takeaway for dinner will not keep anyone at a healthy weight.

My brain is my best friend. She’s been with me for 53 years and controls everything I do.  If I let her have her own way, yes she will run havoc.  It takes common sense to know what dictates good and bad food.  Simples…. ehh!

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