Prepare to bare – spring is in the air!

Did I sleep through spring and wake up in summer?  Wasn’t the weather today gorgeous!  Such a surprise led to a Sunday body over-haul!  Wax pot on, no long leggings today!

Time to lock yourself in the bathroom and have some body spring cleaning time.  Get that glowing body by removing that winter layer of dry, dead, itchy skin.  

Using a cream-based exfoliating body scrub on dry skin will give amazing results rather than applying onto a damp skin.  My favourite cream cleanser has got to be Clarins exfoliating body scrub.  If the product disappears too quickly, just add water to your hands and this will keep it moving.  Pay good attention to heels, knees and elbows, where skin is prone to be drier.  

Clarins Body Scrub

An application of hydrating moisturiser will leave your skin silky smooth.  If my skin is really dry then I’ll reach for Clarins Moisture Rich. I love the smell of this product and it is really hydrating.  I even use this as an after sun if on holiday.  However, if you find this too time consuming just grab a spray body oil. There are some great ones on the market. I like one that will spray upside down as well as upright.  Makes it such a pleasure to use.  One spray and you’re good to go.

Another body moisturiser I want to give a shout out to is Nip & Fab glycolic fix body cream.  I got this product when I was trying to top up my shopping basket in order to get free delivery on my order.  What a good choice.  I like the grapefruit smell, but really love that it keeps on top of that dead skin by helping it exfoliate naturally.

Body lotions

The best time to get rid of that unwanted body hair is after a good exfoliation.  As my wax is now at temperature, I had best go and practice what I preach.

Enjoy the weather and long may it last.

Tracy x

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