If I am not reading a book then I have my ear plugs in and a podcast chatting to me.

Love to listen
Love to listen

My little brain cells hate it if I starve them of information.  They need constantly topping up!

I thought I would share with you my current “go-to” podcasts.

The Emma Guns Show

The first podcast I started listening to was ‘The Emma Guns Show’. This is essentially about beauty, but has grown over the years to include wellness, mental health, information about Emma, and good things in general.

I find Emma a joy to listen to. She is a great interviewer and has years of experience. Her catalogue of shows is enormous. Emma really lets her guest speak and she never seems to interrupt or speak over them.

Great show.

Fat Mascara

Fat Mascara – these ladies have the ability to make me laugh out loud. This must make me look funny to others. You know, just walking along minding your own business, but belly laughing! I bet that looks so silly.

Jen and Jess are both beauty editors for leading magazines in New York, although Jen has gone freelance this year (2020).

Their interviews and news are so informative, and I love all the information about beauty and what is happening in America. They know their audience is global and produce information for everyone.

You can tell they have an amazing friendship and they are the people I would love to have a dinner party with. We would be best friends! Come on ladies, call me!!

Outspoken Beauty

Outspoken Beauty – Nicola is a bubble of fun. She is a modern young woman with a great happy personality, and a take ‘no shit’ attitude. Nicola tells it how it is! Go girl!

She makes you laugh and then she laughs at herself. She also gets so absorbed with her guests, and you can tell that she is really learning something herself. I don’t think there is a subject Nicola would ever be afraid to talk about!

Bonus Suggestion – Listening to the Dead

A great podcast I really enjoyed but has nothing to do with beauty, is Listening to the Dead.


I love to read books by Linda la Plante, and I saw her talking about her new book on This Morning when she mentioned that she had a podcast.

I was hooked after listening to the first one. There are 7/8 in the series, all about murders and forensics. It is amazing how much research a writer does for a fictional novel. No wonder her books are so enthralling and unputdownable.

How I wished I had studied something like forensic science. It is amazing stuff. 

I would love any suggestions for a great podcast that you love. Let me know.

Tracy x

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