It’s in the Post!

Well I always knew it was coming and to be honest I had expected it earlier, but here I am 51 and a half years old and these unusual waves of heat have started happening. 

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Thinnest to Thickest

‘What order to I use my products’ is a question I am often asked? The best way to remember it is ‘Thinest to Thickest’. 

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Patience – Not the Take That song.

So, Black Friday has been and gone.  I hoped you managed to get all the bargains that you were after.

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I feel the need, the need to pee!

When did my bladder decide to lose it’s strength? One thing I have noticed this last year is that if my bladder sends signals to my best friend, ‘Brain’, that it needs to pee, then…View Post


More Elasticity than an elastic band.

Skin, it is living, breathing and the largest organ of the human body. Why then do we treat it so badly?  Excessive eating, excessive drinking, excessive sun exposure.  If our skin didn’t cover our body all our organs would fail and fall out.  Read more ….

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