Origins Retinol Night Moisturiser – one week in

So, I thought I would do an update on my week of using Origins Retinol Night Moisturiser.  The one thing that I never expected is the amount of changes that my skin has gone through this week.  Sometimes I think my skin is so used to skincare products that it never reacts or changes.  It has had a lifetime of being moisturised, scrubbed, masked, toned etc.  You name it, I am always on the look-out to try it!

I started using my new product on the Sunday night, and Monday morning I rushed to the mirror to see what had happened overnight.  Shock, no change whatsoever!

Origins Retinol Night Moisturiser
Origins Retinol Night Moisturiser

However, come Wednesday morning I was amazed at how soft my skin felt.  I just couldn’t stop rubbing my hands over my skin.  Something is definitely working.

Jayne at Origins sent me a message on Wednesday to see how I was getting on, and I told her that I was having no adverse reaction to the product and everything was fine.

Wednesday night was when I did notice a change.  As I washed off my make-up my skin did feel slightly sore to touch, but not angry or red. However, when I ran some L’Oreal Sensitive Toner over my skin, that definitely woke my skin up!  Ouch, I felt that!  I applied my Origins Plantscription serum and Retinol Night Moisturiser and off to bed I went.

Thursday morning and I did notice that I had red patches on the top of my cheek bones.  I cleansed my skin by using Nip & Fab Glycolic Cleansing Pads and it felt fine.  Even though it was showing up red patches.

Red patches on top of my cheek bones

I applied my Charlotte Tilbury Eye Cream and Plantscription Day Cream.  I topped this with my Bobbi Brown Extra SPF25 Tinted Moisturiser.  My skin was fine and any redness calmed down.  

Washing off my make-up that evening my skin was still complaining to the L’Oreal Sensitive Toner. It was also tingling when I applied the Plantscription Serum and the Retinol Night Moisturiser, but this rapidly disappeared.  I did take a bit more care when applying the Retinol Night Moisturiser around the top of my cheek bones.  Didn’t want to aggravate this area too much.

Friday morning was more or less a repeat of Thursday.  Nothing worse, so same routine as normal.  I did however notice that the end of my nose was peeling.  Foundation is great for showing up flaws in the skin!

On Saturday I was looking in the mirror after doing my skincare routine, and I thought my skin was looking awful!  If I rubbed my skin it was dry and flaky, so I went back to the bathroom and got some Clarins Gentle Refiner and massaged this around my skin for a few minutes to remove the skin cells which were flaking off.  I applied some Origins Plantscription Serum, added some REN Ever-Calm Day Moisturiser, and topped it off with Trinny London BFF SPF 30.

I must say my skin feels fine, looks okay, and is baby soft.  It just shows up a bit touch sensitive at the moment when cleansing. To be expected though. 

I am loving the product though and I am amazed that it has had an effect on my skin.  I have used several other retinol serums and products but none have left me with any changes worth telling you about.

I’ll check in again further down the line.

Have you tried this product or is there another retinol product you would like to shout about, good or bad, let me know about it?

Tracy x

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