Make-up Brush Cleaner

Who love’s a gadget that is designed to make your life easier? Me! So, I have got myself a make-up brush cleaner.  I have always cleaned my brushes manually. After every client they are cleaned with brush spray and at the end of every day they get a soapy wash.  My own personal brushes I clean each week, whether I have used them once or several times.

If ever you have had your make-up applied professionally, you probably noticed how flawless and amazing it looks.  I bet you couldn’t stop looking at yourself in every available mirror and your phone is full of selfie’s! This flawless look is achieved because the brushes are clean when using them and not clogged with dirt and bacteria from the skin.

I read statistics in Professional Beauty magazine which claimed that a survey revealed that more than a quarter of British women have never cleaned their make-up brushes.  And a further two thirds of women share them with another person according to research by Cosmetify. Wow! Gobsmacked! I can’t believe people would not clean their brushes, ever! Do you have any idea what is crawling around in them? Bacteria, fungus, even ecoli. Surely you change your underwear every day? You must take a shower or bath so you don’t stink! Why oh why would you never clean your make-up brushes?

Do you wonder why you get breakouts?  Your pores can get blocked as you are taking dirt and bacteria off the skin, then adding it back on again! I’m not surprised you get breakouts.

So, if you don’t have the time to clean them then there is a gadget that will do it for you quickly. The internet is full of them. After careful selection I purchased one, and the very next day it was delivered.

Ready to go!

It was so easy to set up. Even my husband would be able to use it!!! It has attachments to fit all brushes, and a splash guard to stop water spraying all over the place.  I haven’t actually used this yet, as I was able to use it without spraying water everywhere.  

It was quite therapeutic watching the bristles splay out as they spun round.  For my first attempt I was really pleased how clean they came out. They were almost dry as well.

Results, 1st attempt

This was far easier than manually cleaning my brushes, and what I really liked was the fact that they were almost dry after using so no sitting on a cupboard drying naturally. Realistically it only takes minutes to have nice clean brushes.  So next time you put on your face mask – use a few minutes to clean those brushes.

Tracy x

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