LED Light Masks

Has a piece of equipment or a product that you were so keen to get your hands on, lived up to your expectations?

I wanted to try an LED face mask, but there was no way I could afford to buy a professional grade one. I was so unsure whether a high street product would achieve any result, but I was really fascinated by the Dr. Dennis Gross DRX Spectrlite Faceware Pro. However, I was still put off by the price of it because it is a lot of money. I was also worried that you only needed to use this product for 3 minutes every day. Would this really give results?

LED Light Mask

What is it?

It is a medical-grade face mask which delivers a burst of red and blue LED light therapy.

You need to use it for 3 minutes at a time and, by doing so, this the mask will help give a clearer and calmer complexion.

Red LED lights support the skins natural elastin and collagen, giving your skin more firmness and plumpness.

Blue LED lights tackle the bacteria which can cause breakouts and acne.

The third setting on the mask delivers a combination of both lights.

It is a hard mask with the LED lights built in on the inside. It is lightweight, comfortable, and contoured to the face.

As I had some discount vouchers I decided to take the plunge and invest in the product. I also wanted a new model to trial this product on (other than myself) but, with COVID restrictions, the choice I had was my husband or my dog. So, with that in mind, I thought he (the hubby) was the perfect choice!

His skincare routine is really simple. He shaves every day and follows with moisturiser but that is it.  I took before photos and explained to him what I was doing, and that he was my model for my trial. He would have to use his face mask every day for three minutes after cleaning his face. 

You can see his before photo’s below and where he was at 4 weeks later. I was really amazed with the results. This pleased me and confirmed that I had not wasted my money. For any long-term visible result, I knew I was looking at a minimum of a month of continual use, but when we look at our skin today, by the time a month is over we forget what it actually looked like. Trying to grab all the flaws and wrinkles just with a camera phone is quite difficult, but I think you’ll see that the pictures are really good, and really showed that in those first 28 days on him there’s been a massive improvement. 

I thought to myself that I now had to see how this keeps progressing.  The second set of photos were taken eight weeks later. Since I have this face mask yes, I do use it myself every single day. It is a blissful three minutes of resetting your mind. You can either strap the mask to your face, or just lay down and place it on.

I would recommend the Dr. Dennis Gross LED face mask. The results that can be achieved in just three minutes a day are great, and I think we can all find three minutes in our day.

I hope it continues to work as well in the future. My only worry is the life of the LED light bulbs. I watched an event on SpaceNK and I did ask the question ‘how long will the bulbs last’? I recall from memory it was three years, so we’ll see how it goes. The product also comes with a 12 month warranty for peace of mind.

So yeah, brilliant product, absolutely love the LED.

This mask is currently available at SpaceNK for £430.

Tracy x


  1. Jackie Smailler
    June 4, 2021 / 7:56 pm

    Hi Tracey I already have one of these and think it is great.I know it is expensive but the results are worth it I think it will pay for itself quicker because I have stopped buying expensive creams.
    Wish I had found it earlier.
    Take care Jackie xx

    • June 4, 2021 / 8:12 pm

      Hi Jackie, I agree it is costly but worth the investment in yourself. Tracy

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