Late to the Party

OMG!! Where have I been?

Talk about late to the party! I have obviously been seriously lost in space since I was given this face mask to try!

This is an Estee Lauder, Advanced Night Repair Concentrate Recovery Powerfoil Mask.

It was pictured back in 2016 when Victoria Beckham was relaxing with one on.

Estee Lauder Powerfoil Mask
Estee Lauder Powerfoil Mask

This afternoon I was feeling slightly tired. Too much screen time! I took myself upstairs thinking I’ll lie on the bed with a sheet mask on. So, I picked this one out. Wow! It is saturated in product and sticks to the face well.  I could have carried on walking around the house or whatever I was doing, but like I said, I was tired so I lay on the bed. First time for everything I suppose!

The mask is packed with active ingredients and literally bathes the skin in them. It contains two times the concentration of Advanced Night Repair Serum. The smell is amazing and the foil on the outside keeps the heat in, therefore the product has maximum effect on the skin.
It is recommended to be on for 10 minutes and then the remainder of product to be massaged into the skin.  There wasn’t really a great deal left over as my skin was obviously hungry. Like me – always hungry!

Estee Lauder Powerfoil Mask
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Concentrated Recovery Powerfoil Mask

How to get one

The masks are sold in packs of 4 or 8 and you would ideally used this once a week. You should aim to use this mask when you know you have time to enjoy it and you are not rushing out afterwards. Using it late in the afternoon meant after I had massaged the remainder of the product into the skin I topped my routine off with my night cream so I knew I was ready for my bed, whatever time that was going to be.

I will definitely be buying this product in the future.  By far the best sheet mask I have ever used!

Tell me about your favourite mask so I can try it out. I love a recommendation.

Tracy x

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