Jo Malone – My story

I have never reviewed a book before but, as I couldn’t put this one down, I thought I would share it with you.

I had received Jo Malone, My Story, for Christmas 2017 after asking my husband to get it for me.  It actually took me until October 2018 to read it. The reason being it was a book I wanted to keep, so therefore I never took it on holiday with me.  When I go away I take a case full of books, and leave them behind once I have read them.

Jo Malone Autobiography

From page one I just wanted to read more.  I didn’t know that Jo was unqualified and had grown up on a council estate, and had left school without a qualification to her name.

Her education came from the university of life!  From such an early age she was captured by it.  I would love to have known Madame Lubatti, whom Jo talks about extensively.  She sounds an amazing woman, and to have been around those ingredients and learnt how to mix them into products would have been so exciting and fantastic.

In my beauty career I would have loved to have had cosmetic science as part of it.  I did at one-point look at training but, as it is a university degree for 3 years, I feel like I am running out of years to enrol!

Jo’s early life was hard.  Her family didn’t have much money and had to figure a way to earn it.  From an early age she was making sure that they had food, and cooking meals for the family as well as looking after her sister.  Times were bleak.  Jo seems to have taken it in her stride and managed to learn as she went along.

When Jo found fame and fortune, life dealt her a bum card and, just when she thought she as coming through it, it then dealt it again.  I admire her brand, Jo Malone London, and the success she made it and the guts it took to walk away.

Now many years on, Jo has done it again, inventing another amazing brand that will again bring her global success.

I feel like I need to read the book again because I was so blown away with it the first time.

Reading her book is like sitting at the kitchen table with Jo, while she chats her way through her life.

Well done Jo.

Have you read this book?  What did you think?  Let me know.

Tracy x





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