Janssen Cosmetics Intensive Exfoliation

Going to the head office of the authority in your industry is always going to be a good visit, but add in some training with an award-winning cosmeceutical brand and the day is ramping up a level.  Finally, throw in over 150 cumulative years of beauty experience and you are definitely in for an awesome day.  A day with not enough hours in it for what we all had to say.  There was never an awkward silence in the room.  If the taxi hadn’t turned up at 4pm with a running meter then I would probably still be in Gloucester!

BABTAC head officeThe British Association of Beauty Therapist and Cosmetology (BABTAC) has been setting the standards and supporting beauty therapists for over 41 years.  I joined BABTAC back in 1992 as a student and they have looked after me ever since.  I know my training meets with their high standards and that they have my back with the insurance cover they provide when I am performing treatments.  They are a non-profit organisation so everything goes back into the running of the business.  In order to add value to membership, members have the opportunity to attend forums and seminars, adding to their skills.

When an email dropped into my inbox inviting me to head office and to get some amazing training, I jumped at the chance.  I had read about Janssen Advanced Intensive Exfoliation, and was keen to attend and get my Confederation of International Beauty Therapists and Cosmetology (CIBTAC) professional endorsed training in this treatment.

Janssen Cosmetics training packJanssen Cosmetics are a German company from Aachen, and family owned.  They are the leaders in cosmeceuticals and have won endless awards for their brand. This is down to the fact that what they say on the tin is what they deliver.  Everything they produce is scientifically proven to give results.

Krestyna, our trainer, has one of those faces you think you have met before, along with a great personality to match.  This lady has many a great tale to tell.  A life well-travelled, spreading the good word for the Company she heads up with great anecdotes thrown in.  I could have listened to her all day.  After digressing many times, she got us all back on track, making our grey matter work hard to recall all those Latin names of the skin structure.

Re-learning the theory of the structure of the skinAfter lunch we got down to the practical.  The chance to get on a couch is what every beauty therapist dreams of.  You spend your day giving treatments to clients, but it is very rare that you are on the receiving end, unless you are in training school.

For anyone who wants great skin, then this treatment is for you.  If you are a sensitive skin type, you will have to treat this sensitivity first before you can go on to the intensive exfoliation.

As you probably know, skin grows from the inside out.  If you don’t exfoliate, then your skin can look dull, congested, and flaky. Your skincare products are not getting to the young healthy skin cells below because of this dead surface layer. The intensive exfoliation is a programme of eight very quick treatments spread over four weeks.  This exfoliation will increase elasticity and firmness, reduce scarring, pigmentation, blemishes and revitalise tired complexions.  It is a safe treatment that will cause no wounding to the skin, therefore resulting in no down time.  The treatments are really quick and can easily be fitted in to anyone’s day.  My exfoliation was literally 15 minutes and my skin felt so brand new afterwards.  I wish I was getting all eight treatments – there wouldn’t be a wrinkle left on my face!  Bring it on! When you are on a course your treatments will start longer (20 minutes for the exfoliation) and get shorter as the strength of the exfoliator gets stronger (5 minutes).

Cleaning the skinTreatment was over way before I had got too comfy!  We still had to do our exam and I had a train to catch, so time was of the essence. Skin was neutralised, then protected with eye zone gel, sensitive skin complex, and face guard SPF 30.

Back on the train and time to reflect. What a whirlwind on a day.  Great training on a really amazing treatment, and products delivering outstanding results.  Times like this I wish I still had my beauty salon, as this would definitely be on the treatment menu.  I would recommend that everyone, problematic skin, normal skin or mature skin, fit this treatment into their skincare routine at some point throughout the year.  This Company is a leader in cosmeceutical skincare and has the awards, proof, and business acumen to back up everything it claims.

Now I need to find my nearest salon to get myself a course!

Tracy x









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