It’s been a while

Hello, how are you?

Selfie from Kings Coronation Day

Yep, it has been a while since I put pen to paper and wrote to you. But why has it been so long?

I guess I lost my way. I became over-whelmed with the constant social media thing and seeing the same thing over and over again. By that I mean influencers telling you that this product is the best thing since sliced bread. But not telling you that I am being paid to tell you this. I even heard of someone not even using the products they were sent but still telling you that it was amazing! Fake, Fake, Fake!

Well It makes me angry and I didn’t want anymore of it!

Image of CIDESCO qualification
CIDESCO qualification

A long time ago I made a decision not to teach in a beauty college as I was told that I would have to lower my standards in beauty. In my opinion you don’t lower your standards – you encourage and teach others the correct way to perform treatments. You don’t cut corners. Like I said, I never took the job. This is how social media made me feel. Too much fake information from unqualified, unprofessional influencers.

Image of Professional BABTAC membership logo
Professional Membership

Influencers – the clue is in the name. They are here to influence you to spend your money. Chances are they didn’t spend their money on the product, as it was likely given as a PR sample.

I do my job because I am a professional with many, many years of hands on experience and continual education to back me up. I am here to help and offer advice and guidance to others. If you buy products or treatments that I recommend, then that is your decision. I will never pressurise you to do so. But I hope that the conversation that we have had, and my thoughts and recommendations, have given you food for thought.

Image of IHBC qualification
IHBC qualification

So on that note, I’m back to share my beauty knowledge with whatever comes our way.

Have a great day.

Tracy x

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