Is your make-up bag worth more than your outfit?

I was flicking through my latest edition of Professional Beauty Magazine the other day and a question caught my eye: Is your make-up bag worth more than your outfit?

I’m not one to carry much make-up out and about with me, mainly just lipsticks, as I expect my make-up to last me all day.  You will rarely ever see me touch up my face, unless I look like an oil slick, just my lipstick, so I am generally good all day.  I know however, that some people cannot leave the house without all of their make-up in a bag!  

When I got home I emptied the contents of my make-up bag which carries my lipsticks.  Not much there I thought.  Wrong!  You know something – that little lot actually added up to £280!!!

My make-up bag

So how much was my outfit that day?  £110! I had on ankle boots, jeans t-shirt and jumper.  I didn’t add in underwear.

Now I am dying to find out what yours adds up to?  

Tracy x

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