If it is a legal requirement – then why would you not do it?

Have you ever noticed that when you have paid the doctor or dentist a visit it always takes them a couple of minutes to call the next person or send your bill down to reception? Do you wonder why this is?  Let me tell you.  It is because they are updating your client record with your visit to them. They do this so they can look back on your last visit, your reason for this visit, and what treatment was given or recommended.  It is also a legal requirement.

It is also a legal requirement for beauty salons, spa’s, hairdressers, barbers, etc, to also do this. How many times have you visited a salon and had this done?

Client record cards

Over the past few months I have visited three different beauty salons; one I had been to before, and two were new to me.  Of the two that were new to me, both asked if I had been to them before.  Only one of them gave me a consultation form to fill in. The salon which I had previously visited had left me a voicemail as there was a problem with my appointment. At my appointment the therapist informed me that my details had been updated onto their new computer system.

Why would you not do a consultation with a new or existing client? A consultation is the most important part of the appointment.  Starting your treatment with a consultation is hammered into you from day one at college because it could cost you not only your job, but your future, even your livelihood if things go wrong and you failed to adhere to it!

In this month’s Vitality magazine, published by BABTAC, it was shocking to read their results on 2000 British consumers who visited beauty salons.

The results showed that 31% of consumers had a therapist who uses consultation cards and updates them at every visit.

32.35% have a therapist who uses a consultation card but does not update them at every visit.

36.75% have never seen their therapist use a consultation card.

That is 735 people out of 2000 surveyed!

Consultations matter, so make sure you are practicing this most important step.

Tracy x

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