Guinot – A remarkable product

When you have been in the beauty industry for what seems like all your life, how could you choose a favourite product?  Products change all the time with reformulation, new ingredients, new innovations, and you change too.  Your skin changes, it is obviously older now and maybe doesn’t like the texture of a product you raved about years ago.

I do have a few products that give me good vibes, but I am going to pick a facial one today.

A brand I love is Guinot. A French brand that was founded by a man called Rene Guinot over 50 years ago.  He was a chemist and made products for his wife who was a beauty therapist, like myself.  Somehow, I cannot see my husband making me skincare products! One he is not a chemist, and two, if his cooking skills are anything to go by, then I think we will give that a miss! Chuckles!

I digress, where was I? I trained with Guinot back in 1995. The Company was moving away from Rene Guinot to Guinot, and a new Cathiodermie machine.  Cathiodermie was later renamed to Hydradermie. The facials are a must and well worth having, but we will save that for another day.  Back to the product in question.

Guinot Longue Vie Cellulaire

Back in the 90’s this product was called Longue Vie Cellulaire.  Today it is just called Crème Longue Vie.  What I love about it is the way it was born.  It contains 56 active cellular ingredients: 20 amino acids, 10 vitamins, 19 active biological ingredients and 7 other active elements (trace elements and mineral salts) which are necessary to cellular life.  It was developed in a hospital burns unit and was proven to regenerate skin on burn victims.  No wonder this is an anti-ageing product.  Back in the day I loved the smell, and somewhere in the back of my mind I can still smell it.  It did have an overhaul some years ago and to me the scent is different, but the product still remains amazing.

For my mature skin I tend to use this under my moisturiser like a serum.  There are times when I do use it without topping with another product. It is quite a lightweight moisturiser and absorbs well into the skin.  Longue Vie Cellulaire is for all skin types over 25 years old.  You would use it morning and evening.  Because of all the active ingredients it will regenerate and brighten the complexion.

Longue Vie Cellulaire

Writing about it makes me want it.  I haven’t been for a Guinot facial for a number of years.  Note to self, add to wish list!

Next time you are near a Guinot salon pop in a get yourself a sample.  Hopefully you will love it as much as me.

Got a favourite product you want to share?  Leave info in the comments box.

Tracy x

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