Good Times and Tan Lines

The sun has got his hat on! 🌞

Good times and tan lines
Good times

Have you got your SPF on?  I’m sure you didn’t need to think about that! 🤔

SPF should be part of our everyday routine. It is the last product you use after your moisturiser. The first product before your foundation when using on the face.

When you’re out in the sunshine in your t-shirt and shorts or laying in the garden in your bikini during quarantine, it sun cream should be all over that gorgeous body of yours.

Don’t be fooled by the numbers.  In my opinion the higher the better. Whether you choose to use SPF15 or SPF50 you are still going to get the same tan. By using the higher number it is going to take longer to burn your skin, so more protection.

Remember to apply liberally and at least 15 minutes before sun exposure. And don’t forget those nooks and crannies, ears, nose, backs of hands and balding heads!

There are a huge amount of products to choose from at all different prices, something for everyone’s budget.

Enjoy the sunshine. 🌞
Stay safe.

Tracy x 

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