Give Me Cosmetics

What a title for a brand! What person doesn’t want cosmetics?

Cosmetics are so eye catching, so touchy feely, and can smell amazing. They can take you from feeling blue to wearing blue and feeling bright.

I recently had the chance to try out a relatively new skincare brand – Give Me Cosmetics – who are a UK brand born in 2017, famed for their hair mask, but have recently launched a new skincare range consisting of five products:

Face cleansing balm

Toning lotion

Eye cream 

Face Serum

Day/Night cream

Give Me Cosmetics
Give Me Cosmetics Facial Routine

The toning lotion and moisturiser contain retinol, and the range is aimed at a mature skin. However, the brand has found their products to have a success on a problematic skin as well.

I must say out of all the products the one I really loved was the cleansing balm. It is lightly fragranced and melts beautifully. Add a few drops of water after massaging into the skin and it emulsifies and washes away without making the skin feel dry or tight. 

The rest of the products are a real pleasure to use, and I experienced no irritation from the retinol in them.  The company did inform me that the retinol percentage in each product is very low. I would remind you however, to always top your skincare with a sunscreen to avoid any irritation.

They also produce a range of body products, of which I tried two of them. `Mango Melt Body Scrub and Coconut Body Butter. These products were absolutely fabulous.

Mango Melt
Mango Melt Sea Salt Body Scrub

At first I thought the coconut body butter was going to be really heavy and sticky on the skin, owing to it being quite firm and thick in the jar. How wrong I was. It was rich going onto the skin, but melted away really easily and left my skin feeling velvety soft. No stickiness remained and I could get dressed straight away without any fear of transfer of product onto my clothes. The coconut body butter is quite highly scented but I found it dissipated quickly and didn’t interfere with my application of fragrance. 

Give me cosmetics
Body Souffle

Finally, I tried the hair mask and hair serum. Now I am lazy with my hair, quite a wash and go girl. I avoid hair-drying at all costs, unless I’m in the hair salon. I found that by using the hair mask and the hair serum my hair felt more sleeker and was nowhere near as knotted between brushing. 

Hair Serum
Hair Serum

Overall, this is a really good UK brand at an affordable price. Check out their website as they sell their products individually or in bundles, which make great gift ideas, especially as Christmas is coming!

Tracy x

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