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Today I have been ‘wowed.’  Earlier in the year, I was lucky enough to go to the Glamour Beauty Festival in London.  While there I visited Fresh cosmetics, who were exhibiting at the show, but the queue was so long I was never going to get a complimentary facial.  Eager not to disappoint us (Hayley was with me) they gave us each a goodie bag which contained samples of the products which they were using in the facial.

Several months later I have got around to trying them.  You know what, they are amazing, beautiful products.  I was bowled over with the facial scrub.  When I read the instructions and ingredients I thought “Oh, oh, sugar!  This is gonna get sticky!”  Just the opposite.  It was out of this world!  I need this product in my life!  Exfoliation recently has been enzyme-based, but using this fine, granular exfoliator, was an absolute delight.  Just massage onto damp skin for 2-3 minutes.  If I’d had more I would have done my whole body.  I did use the surplus to do the back of my hands. My skin is now baby soft.  The smell was pure pleasure as well.  I love the scent of a product and this sent my olfactory senses into overdrive.  I’m not going to throw the sample sleeve away just yet, so that I can smell it again.


Fresh facial samples

The products that I used in my mini facial were:

Soy Face Cleanser; this is a really lightweight, slightly foamy/creamy cleanser.  As the brand name suggests, it smells very fresh. After rinsing this away I then used the sugar exfoliator.

After I rinsed my delightful sugar face polish away, I applied the Lotus youth preserve rescue mask.  You can see the seaweed particles in the product.


Seaweed particles in the mask

Finally, after leaving on for 5 minutes, I rinsed it away and applied the Rose deep hydration face cream.  The moisturiser is lightweight and slightly rich, not thin or runny, and has an underlying scent of rose.

The moisturiser has soaked into my skin and I have not applied any make-up on top.  My skin feels clean and fresh to the touch and the moisturiser has not left it feeling tacky.  It has gone right into the skin.

It is so nice to try products that surprise my skin. Definitely putting fresh into my skincare routine.  I’ve found out I can get Fresh products from John Lewis, so the sugar exfoliator is on my shopping list for the next time I visit.  Off to see if there is a body range now.

Tracy x

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