Feet – love them or hate them!

Do you have an area on your body which you never show any love?

Feet – look after them!

For me one of those areas is my feet. I stand on them all day and for the majority of the time they are in trainers or shoes. I’m not allowed to wear sandals at work so they very rarely see the light of day. For all this neglect they don’t give me many concerns. I don’t really suffer any hard skin, corns or any pain other than tired feet.

As they are rarely on show I rarely paint my toe nails let alone have a pedicure! So, today I decided to give them some love. I had a foot mask from Skin Republic which I decided to give a go.

Skin Republic Foot Mask
Skin Republic Foot Mask

It was fab. It is 2 booties enriched with fabulous ingredients to soften and hydrate your feet. As they are booties you can still walk around, but you have to be careful not to slip. The recommended time to keep them on is 20 minutes (which I exceeded as I was at my desk writing!).

Skin Republic Foot Mask
Skin Republic Foot Mask

When I removed the booties I massaged the remaining cream into my feet and just let them sit on a towel whilst they dried off. The little areas of hard skin were now soft and my feet were hydrated. This would be a fabulous treat after a long, hard, day on your feet.

Well as I had now pampered them, I had to paint my toes. I forgot how difficult it can be to paint your own toes, especially when your back is killing you! But, not to be defeated, mission accomplished.

Skin Republic really make outstanding products and I can’t wait to keep on trying what they have. I will definitely repeat this foot mask again.

Go on, put your feet up!

Tracy x

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