Christmas gift ideas from Arbonne

Six months ago I had never heard of the company Arbonne.  My friend Hayley brought them to my attention as she was seeking to become a consultant for them.  She had previously worked in the retail industry for Chanel, and after an absence of 12 months from cosmetics she needed it back in her life – but not in retail, slogging away on the shop floor!

Tell me about Arbonne

Arbonne are a multi-level marketing business.  You buy into the business to become a consultant, and work your way up based on your level of achievement. Arbonne mission statement Arbonne are also a lifestyle brand which consists of 450 separate lines, from skincare, body-care, detox and diet, candles and make-up.  The brand is cruelty free, organic and plant based.  They contain no additives or preservatives and have been a green cosmetic company for over 38 years. Arbonne healthy living inside and out They were founded nearly forty-five years ago by a man called Petter Mørck.  It is available worldwide and is actually quite a huge brand. Sometimes I think, how do I not know about it if it is this big?  The most successful MLM business is Avon, which has been around since the year dot and is the market leader.  Another MLM brand I had heard of is Forever Living, which is aloe based.

Check out Hayley

Hayley is totally overwhelmed with Arbonne.  In her first few months she has met her targets and she literally cannot stop singing their praises.  I have tried a few of their samples and they seem ok.  The products I tried were scent free, so to me they were just products. I was amazed at the price, they are quite mid-range.  Have any of you heard of Arbonne?  Have you even tried or purchased the products?  Would love to hear your comments. Today (Sunday), I popped round to Hayley’s home as she was demonstrating her Christmas Arbonne products to a few friends.  The last time I went to an at-home party was in the 90’s!  I didn’t think this happened anymore.  Back in the day it was all Tupperware, Ann Summers and Virgin make-up. Takes me back! Gifting with Arbonne Hayley is a natural when it comes to demonstrating and explaining products, but then she has had great training! Recently, Gemma Collins of TOWIE fame also became a consultant for the brand.  This has resulted in a high demand for products as Gemma has such a large social media following, resulting in products going out of stock. Don’t worry, more is on its way.

Have your own event

You can have your own Arbonne event.  Yes, fancy a girly night in or a pyjama party, then why not do Arbonne.  You could all pamper yourselves with these amazing products and have some fun as well.  You can even put your face on with their vegan friendly make-up.  It is so good for the skin you can sleep in it!  The professional aesthetician in me would have to say the jury is out on that point! Take a look at Arbonne – like me you might be surprised. Let me know if you use this brand and what you love about it. Tracy x

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