Janssen Cosmetics Intensive Exfoliation

Going to the head office of the authority in your industry is always going to be a good visit, but add in some training with an award-winning cosmeceutical brand and the day is ramping up…View Post

Millennium Bug Prime Suspect in Death of Common Courtesy

After much consideration, I have decided that the Millennium Bug is our number one suspect in the death of common courtesy. Back in 1999 the Millennium Bug, aka Y2K, caused mass hysteria. The world was…View Post

A colourful change

I was having a reflective moment today and I realised that I had never had my hair coloured from root to tip in a hair salon, until Tuesday.

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PDSA holds dog friendly festival at Cheltenham

Two thousand dogs are tapping their paws and wagging their tails.  There’s so much to do and see it’s hard to know where to start.  The dogs are overwhelmed by the size of the festival.  There’s Buster from Bristol, Baxter from Bath, Finn from Hertfordshire – too many names to remember. The turnout is huge and the weather is hotter than Ibiza!

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Let’s have our cake and eat it

When a product is made for a Queen you would think that having the royal seal of approval makes it the best it can ever be – but controversy over how to make the glorious cake rages on.

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