What hides behind your fingernails?

You’re good to go! You have sung two rounds of happy birthday and even blew yourself a kiss in the mirror as there were no candles to blow out. But, are you really good to go?

What about those nails? What lurks behind them?

Have you ever noticed how medical staff, doctors, nurses, paramedics, food handlers, dentists, dental nurses and, in my day, aestheticians, don’t have long nails?  They don’t paint their nails because they are not allowed to.

Back in the day when I was an aesthetician in training, we were actually checked from head to toe, and one of the checks was the length of our fingernails.  If you could see a free edge when looking at your palm, then they were too long!

Finger nails
Visible nail plate – nails too long

Not only are they a breeding ground for bacteria, but you can also cause injury to a client by scratching them.

Behind those lovely long talons of yours lurks a bacteria festival waiting to happen if not scrubbed clean. So, what is behind yours? Coronavirus? Fungal infection? Faeces? Yep, it’s not pleasant to even think about it.

Surgeons go to great lengths to scrub up before every surgery, and then go on to wear protective gloves as they know what lies beneath.

Have you ever had your nail plate swabbed to check?  I have and I failed the test. This was before my days as a professional, but even then I thought I was clean enough to handle food.

Finger Nails
No visible nail plate

As this Coronavirus pandemic continues to sweep the world, and your favourite nail salon remains closed, do yourself a manicure and cut down those nails. It will be easier to maintain them and keep them spotlessly clean, and stop you from carrying any unwanted visitors.

Food for thought!

Stay safe.

Tracy x

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