Beauty sleep never got so good

Now there is one word that is guaranteed to get me excited – and that is ‘Retinol.’  It has become a staple in my skincare routine and I am always keen to learn more about this product.

When my friend and former colleague, Jayne, called to tell me about a brand-new product from Origins, I couldn’t wait for its arrival.  

Jayne, Origins Counter Manager

Twenty-four hours after its launch I had my hands on one.  When I caught up with Jayne, she was so overwhelmed with the product that she couldn’t help but start sharing her knowledge.  I was in my element as I soaked up everything. I’m sure I am related to the sponge family!

Origins is a natural, plant-based brand, that doesn’t add any nasty product to their formulations, and they also take great steps to care about the planet.  

Their new amazing product is part of the ‘Plantscription’ range, and is a Retinol Night Moisturising cream.  They have used the power of high-grade retinol, which will improve the look of lines and wrinkles, unevenness, and pores, combined it with a moisturiser containing Swiss Alpine Flower, which will help boost natural collagen in the skin, along with the active ingredients Anogeissus and hyaluronic acid.  So, whilst you get a good night’s sleep, this powerhouse is having an amazing work-out on your skin.

A lot of research has also gone into the packaging.  Retinol will deteriorate in the light, so the tube has been made to protect the ingredients with an aluminium case.  Inside the tube it is lined with a black foil to protect it even more.  If light gets to the product it will be totally destroyed. When using the product, you need to put the lid back on straight away – something that was drilled into me during my beauty training back in the year dot!  On this note, I asked Jayne about when to apply at night.  The reason I asked was because, on any given evening when I am home from work after a late shift, I will take my uniform off and put my PJ’s on along with removing my make-up then apply night cream.  Great if my next move is to bed and off with the light. However, as I then generally sit on the sofa for a few hours, it is best not to put this night moisturiser on as the light will have an effect.  Best to apply just before bed.

Plantscription Range

For best results you should apply Plantscription serum to clean skin, and then add your retinol night moisturiser.  In the daytime you must make sure that you use a moisturiser with an SPF, or add a high sun screen to your routine.  The reason we say this is because, when using a highly active product, it can make the skin become more sensitive in sunlight.  And you probably already know that the sun is not only damaging to the skin, but it is also responsible for skin ageing.

Experiencing redness, flakiness, and dryness on the skin is normal when using this product.  If you are new to retinol then use it every other night for the first two weeks to give your skin time to adjust to the product. However, as my skin is used to retinol I will try using this every night.  I said to Jayne that I have not used a retinol product that has caused me any side effects or has ever made my skin peel.  

Each tube is designed to last six weeks, and instantly you should be able to see that your skin is more hydrated.  By the time you have finished your first tube, your skin should be feeling smoother and, as you progress into your second tube, lines will become less visible and pores more refined.  After 12 weeks of continued use you should have a more even looking skin tone.  You don’t have to stop here either, as this is a night cream that you can continue to use all the time.

Obviously, a visit to Jayne means you have to have a facial!  Taking time out from the chat, Jayne positioned me in her chair and set about working her magic.  Keeping with the theme of the retinol product, my facial consisted of more products from the Plantscription range.

Facial Time

I know I have told you before, but when in Bath, visit Jayne at Jolly’s for a complimentary facial. She is so passionate about her job and the brand she works for, but the bottom line is she just wants the best for all her customers and to give them the best for their skin.

Tracy x

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