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Being a woman of a certain age, everything eventually goes South!  I have always had hooded eyes, but obviously the ageing process means that they are getting droopier! 

The best ever eyeliner I have used is Bobbi Brown gel eyeliner.  It’s not to everyone’s taste as you have to apply it with a brush, which does take practice, but once on it doesn’t move.  One of the things I also like is the fact that you can smudge it before it dries if you want a smokey eye look.

I joined the Beauty Pie site to see what it is all about, and for my second month I didn’t know what to get.  Scrolling through I saw the eyeliner pen.  Now, another one I can shout about is the Clinique Pretty Easy eyeliner, but sometimes towards the end of the day the liner can start to transfer to my upper lid. I like the brush on this liner and it really is quick and easy to use.  

Beauty Pie Eyeliner

The Beauty Pie eyeliner is amazing!  It is taking me some-time to get used to it as it is a felt tip pen, so it doesn’t have the flexibility of the Clinique brush.

The eyeliner is black and this is the only colour it comes in.  It is matte and dries really quickly.  Since I got it last week I have worn it four times with minimal make-up and with full on eye shadow and it doesn’t budge.  Not a millimetre! The price was also amazing, so that’s a win win situation as far as I’m concerned.


At the end of the day it came off so easy.  I used Clinique Take the Day Off Eyes and Lips and it just wiped away.  No rubbing or residue left.  

Check it out, I really recommend it if you need your eyeliner to stay in place.

Let me know if you have tried it or another that you would recommend.

Tracy x

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