Beauty is in the lash-lift of the beholder

Time for a catch-up

Time waits for no man. Never a true word spoken.  I caught up with an old colleague on Tuesday evening for a lash-lift.

As a beauty therapist we can pretty much do most beauty treatments on ourselves.  Unfortunately, a lash-lift really isn’t one.  Michelle used to work in my beauty salon with me and it had been over four years since we last were in the same treatment room together. Michelle had promoted her lash-lift on Facebook and I wanted one.  I don’t like an eyelash perm as that is too curly for my long lashes, but the lash-lift pads make it awkward to do this treatment on yourself.

Shell's beauty images

After sending her a message to say that I would be in Cambridgeshire, I was all booked in.

Who is Michelle?

Since working in my beauty salon, Michelle has gone on to open her own homebased beauty treatment room. She is based in St Neots, Cambridgeshire.  Michelle is an amazing beauty therapist and an asset to any business.  She offers an extensive list of beauty treatment and use’s leading product brands e.g. Jessica, Lycon, Sienna Tan.

Michelle's treatment room

One thing beauty therapists are good at, as well as their skills is talking.  We had four years of talking to catch-up on in 60 minutes!  If I hadn’t of had to be somewhere else after my appointment I would have been staying the night with Michelle!

The lash-lift treatment

The lash-lift treatment is a must for anyone.  I would also recommend it before going down the false lash route.  It is amazing how just a small lift can really open the eyes and now there is no need to reach for the eyelash curlers.

After the pad is secured to the eyelid a perm lotion is applied along the base of the eyelashes. This is left on for a few minutes to activate.  This is then removed and replaced with a neutraliser for another few minutes.  When this one is removed the lashes are released from the pad and Michelle then tints them black.

Eyelash lift treatment. Before and after

Before I know it, I’m done. Just a few pictures to capture how good they look and I am good to go.

Eyelash lift front view

It’s times like this that I miss my colleagues, we had such a good vibe and were an amazing beauty salon but, in this world, we keep moving forward.  I’m proud of my journey through this life and the people I continue to meet and those I have met and never let go of.  I just love a good get together.

If you live in St Neots or round about then do pay Michelle a visit.  You can get her details and check out her site on Facebook.  Click on this link to find her.

Tracy x




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