Balanceme – Pure skin face wash

This is what I would call a foaming cleanser.  I love the texture and scent of this facial wash.  You would use a small amount and massage onto damp skin.  Add water to make it more of a milky texture.

You can use this cleanser either morning or night.  I found it very cleansing so I used it to remove my make-up base.  I didn’t use this to remove eye make-up, as I prefer to use an eye make-up specific product.

Balanceme Pure Skin Face Wash

Balanceme Pure Skin Face Wash is 99% natural, and is a sulphate-free cleanser.  It is also free from other nasties normally added to products.  It doesn’t strip the skin or leave it feeling tight or dry after rinsing either.

It comes in a 125ml tube and will cost £16.  Balanceme’s website shop currently has 30% off, so you can grab it for £11.20! 

The product is suitable for both combination and acne skin as it doesn’t strip the skin and contains aloe, so it is both calming and soothing.

Balanceme are a British company and privately owned.  They are a relatively new company to the cosmetic market, founded by sisters in 2005, and do not test their products on animals.  The packaging is recyclable and the product will last 9 months once opened.  These products are available in leading supermarkets and on the brands own website

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