Apologies – I’ve not been well

Letter head from Bath Hospital

You know, this is definitely my year for being ill.  For the last fifty years I could probably count the number of times I have been to the doctors on one hand.  So far this year I have now been to the doctors three times, had a telephone conversation with the doctor twice, and visited the hospital three times!

I wrote in January – “Well I Wasn’t Expecting That” – about my health, and now we are in April and I am still suffering.  Back in early March I noticed a swelling on my Adams apple.  Dr Google said it was either thyroid or a virus.  Obviously, a virus I thought and, given that I work in an airport with passengers from all over the world, well it was a given as far as I was concerned.

After seven days, I still had this lump and visited the doctor.  I was seen by the nurse practitioner who was not familiar with this lump and called a doctor in to see me.  Not good! So, after much prodding and questioning, it was determined that my lump was nothing sinister and I was to be referred to the Ear, Nose and Throat department at the hospital.  The problems started when I got my letter to ring for my appointment.  I would not be seen for approximately 18 weeks!  Would I still have the lump in 18 weeks?

Image of lump on my throat

With my holiday looming and the lump not getting any better, I decided to check out private hospitals to get my scan.  This could be done for around £330, but I needed to be referred by my GP.

I requested this and received a telephone call from the nurse practitioner to ask why.  I also told her that I would be calling for an appointment with the doctor on Monday as this lump had now got worse.  She immediately made me an emergency appointment to see the doctor on Monday morning.

By Monday I was at the point of choking on my food.  Scary stuff! My throat was hurting and swallowing was painful.

The doctor wasn’t happy and, after giving two samples of blood, I left with a 14-day referral letter for a possible thyroid cancer ultra sound scan.

Referral letter

I drove home through the tears.  I didn’t see that one coming!  I certainly didn’t think I was that ill!!

By the weekend I had decided I was not that ill.  I felt fine, just seemed to have this continuous cold, a voice that came and went, but I felt fine.

Eleven days later and I had been seen by the consultant at the hospital.  Just!  When I arrived for my appointment I was told the clinic had been cancelled!  However, if I was prepared to wait then I would be seen by someone.  Just as well I put a book in my bag!

After telling the consultant all about my lump, he asked if he could take a look down my throat.  I’d never had a camera up my nose and down my throat!  Just as well he didn’t give me time to think about that one.  Everything looks fine from his side.  He still wants me to have the ultra sound scan on the lump though, just to see what is going on in there.  He believes that I have an inflammation in the tube which the thyroid grew from when I was a child.

So good news really. 

Scan booked for May and a holiday to chill in the meantime.

I’ll let you know the outcome.

Tracy x

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