Add hair loss to my ageing battle

There are a few things in my life that I managed to be first in the queue for. Fat cells, body hair and loads of hair on my head.

All my married life has brought moans from my husband about the amount of hair around the place from me. My hair does shed quite a lot, but like I said, I have loads of it. Back in September I kind of noticed that it seemed to be shedding more than normal, and as were going to Greece for our holiday, I thought to myself that I am going to monitor this. My hair was about five inches longer and, although I would have hair in my hair brush, it was in the shower that I seemed to notice that I had more hair coming out.

Hair from my brush on holiday in Greece

This was the hair in my brush that started my thinking about hair loss when on holiday in Greece

I have always been lucky that my hair doesn’t suffer from being greasy, so it normally only gets washed once a week. Using hair products can make me wash it sooner as my scalp can become itchy after a while. Because it is heavy it doesn’t hold a curl, so I pretty much wash and go, with the occasional blast on the hair dryer.

By the time we left Greece I had decided that my hair wasn’t falling out. A couple of days after being home I had it cut and coloured. Then a week later it was really obvious that more than normal was coming out. I was in the shower and, when I ran my fingers through my hair, they were full of loose hair.

Hair Loss

Left shows hair pulled from the plug after washing and right shows hair pulled from hair brush

I don’t know why. I’m not normally a worrier, and am currently not worrying over anything. I haven’t done anything different and have been colouring my hair for many years.

I must admit that it now has me worried a bit, and I do now try to be extra gentle when washing and brushing my hair. Scared!

As you will have read in my previous blog, Tortured, I am now on HRT. I Googled this to see if this was making my hair fall out, but according to the information I found this would not happen. I did read that a change in hormones could have an impact on hair, so I am now wondering if this was happening before I went on HRT. At the beginning of the year I asked a colleague at work if my hair was falling out, as she is a hairdresser and worked on the Aveda counter. She did agree that it was thin in the area I was showing her, and that it was probably caused by the menopause.

Scalp pictures

Left and right side of my scalp. Left is worse and this is the side I have been treating with scalp revitaliser

I had a sample of Aveda’s Invati scalp revitalising serum, which for the last week I have rubbed into my scalp in the one affected area. My husband is like, WTF! Your hair is not thinning – it is always falling out! I have, this week, purchased the Invati shampoo, conditioner, and some more serum. I do have faith in this product, as it was recommended by a complete stranger. I was serving on the Aveda counter one day and a lady purchased the serum and continued to tell me how amazing this product was. She had had to have her hair shaven off due to surgery, and had applied the product ever since and the results were amazing.

Invati hair range from Aveda

The Invati Range from Aveda along with my hair loss from brushing my hair


Do you have any symptoms of thinning hair? What worked for you?

Let’s see how this works for me.

Tracy x


  1. julie
    November 18, 2018 / 1:19 pm

    really good blog , totally agree hormones Aveda serum fab been on my thinning area for months !

    • tracybeautychick
      November 18, 2018 / 8:39 pm

      Thanks Julie. I’m looking forward to using the products. I’ve been using my sample one for the last week so I’ll re-do some photo’s in 6 weeks.

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