A visit to La Mer

I have never had an experience at a La Mer counter and was recently invited to try one.

La Mer bag

The last few weeks I have spent time researching this iconic brand.  Even though I have seen them in the beauty halls and worked in the same buildings, I really didn’t know anything about them.

On their website you can search for your nearest counter and, as I was off to my mums for the weekend, I was pleased to find one in Cambridge.  After selecting my facial and appointment time, that was it.  All done and a confirmation email in my inbox!

On Saturday I set off for Cambridgeshire early.  During the journey I got a text from my mum asking what time I was going to get home, as she wanted to go to Peterborough – which is in the opposite direction to Cambridge! I thought that maybe I would be able to move my La Mer appointment to Peterborough but, after going back on the La Mer website found there is no counter in Peterborough.  My mum then added to the mix that the A14, the major road to Cambridge, was closed ALL weekend! 

Now Cambridge is hugely popular. Over 20 colleges, millions of tourists every year, punting on the Cam, to mention a few things, so the traffic is always busy without shutting the major route in and out!

Normally I can get into Cambridge in 30 minutes, so today I allowed double that.  Being a local girl, I obviously planned my route without having to use the diversion set out by the Highway’s Agency, as you just know this route is going to be chocka!  Although my route was trouble free, I became aware that I wasn’t going to get to Cambridge early.  I actually parked my car at the time of my appointment.

I was lucky that Klaudia (from La Mer) had sent me a text confirming my appointment, so I tried to text the number back, explaining that I was running late.  I was in luck.  This was a direct number and not one of those ‘Do not reply’ ones.  “No rush” she said. Fabulous thought I!

A warm welcome awaited me from Klaudia.  As I had no make-up on she cleansed my skin with Micellar Water Cleanser.  Nice and cooling after my rapid march to the store!

She explained about the brand and how it was created by Dr Max Huber after an accident in his laboratory damaged his skin. After many years of research, he founded La Mer’s miracle broth, made from sea kelp and other pure ingredients from the sea.  This product is the heart of La Mer and runs through all of their products.

Then I had the lifting serum pressed into my clean skin, and on top of this the intensive lifting mask was applied with a brush.  This mask is so intensive you only need to use it once a week.  What was amazing is it is not a mask that you then take off. It becomes transparent on the skin as if it is a moisturiser.  

Around my eyes the eye balm was applied using a silver tipped eye tool.  This application helps to drain and cool the eye area.  You can even cool the applicator on ice or in the fridge prior to using.

When it came to moisturiser there is one product in five formulations.  The original is a really rich cream, although a little goes a long way and even though I have used this this morning, it has not left my skin feeling thick, heavy, or even shiny.  I chose the soft cream, but I did also like the gel formula.  

I didn’t purchase any products as I have been having problems with the skin on my neck.  I am sure this is my menopause.  I have found that when using any stimulating products my skin becomes red, itchy, and inflamed.

Klaudia gave me some samples so I could continue using the products over the next few days, which I really appreciated, and will continue to do so so I can see how my skin responds.

La Mer samples

I had a really good experience at the La Mer counter and would recommend that you take the time out and visit your nearest one for your own enjoyment.

Tracy x

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