A Close Shave


Guy’s, I have a question, who taught you to shave? How did you learn your technique? I’d love to know.

Shaving Tools

But, in the meantime who better to ask than my hubby. ‘No one. I suppose I saw my Dad doing it and just gave it a go’ he said.

Over my career, I have had many men come to my beauty salon for a facial.  Some purely for the relaxation and intensive benefit of it and others because of problematic skin.  

Male Shaving

When booking in a guy for a facial we always preferred it if they had recently shaved as stubble and cotton wool do not mix well! You find when performing a facial on a guy you wipe with the stubble not against it.
Men today have so many great ways to learn how to shave.  The rise in barbershops is incredible as men today take time out to invest in themselves.

How to learn

Have a look at YouTube. There is so much information on how to get that great shave with pre and post-shave tips for the skin.

Shaving Tips

Some of my top tips for you guys who may be experiencing skin problems that can be aggravated by shaving:

Always sterilise your blade after shaving to remove bacteria on it.  This can be done easily by placing the razor into boiling water or spraying with an anti-bacterial spray.

Exfoliate the beard area before shaving. Use a daily scrub and massage to lift the bristles. This should be done whether wet shaving or dry shaving.

Remember to change your blade frequently.

Only use a clean face cloth once then put into the wash. Re-using a face cloth could put bacteria back onto your skin.

Facial rinse

Moisturise the whole of your face.  Make sure the moisturiser you use is for your skin type or problem. If you have sensitive skin try a fragrance-free product. 

And, please don’t forget your SPF! It is for everyone and that includes you, my friend!

Don’t put aftershave or fragrance on your skin.  Spray your clothing.

Male Fragrance

Happy shaving.

Tracy x


  1. Barry Hopkins
    June 21, 2020 / 9:36 am

    I remember watching my big brother and thinking that you were a man once you started to shave. So, as soon as he had left the house I went upstairs to the bathroom, took down his shaving mug and brush, lathered up my face with shaving soap, and had my first shave. I then did what all (young) men did – and splashed the old Brut 33 all over! My face was on fire and I was in tears. I was eight years old!

    • tracybeautychick
      June 21, 2020 / 1:55 pm

      Barry, you made me laugh out loud! I hope you have now mastered your shaving routine.😂😂😂

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