A colourful change

I was having a reflective moment today (Thursday 9 August) and I realised that I had never had my hair coloured from root to tip in a hair salon, until last Tuesday.  It was a first.  Yes, I have coloured hair, however, it is now naturally white!  It skipped grey!  But in all my days no professional salon has coloured all of it.

I answered a Facebook post from Frontlinestyle Hair and Beauty Salon, Bath, on Saturday and I was lucky enough to be one of the first to apply, so I was a confirmed model.

 FaceBook post FaceBook post

I have never modelled for hair before, another first, and I asked them whether I needed to do my roots before Tuesday.  “No”, they replied, “it will give us something to do.”

The hair team at Frontlinestyle were having a training day for a new colour launch by Wella. As you probably already know, Wella have been around in the hair world for quite some years.  138 to be exact.  I just looked that up and remembered Fergal did tell me that. You may also have heard that having your hair coloured can be harmful, cause reactions, sensitivity, and people have died through having their hair coloured.  This is why a patch test is so important, and as requested I was there on Monday morning to get mine done.

This new colour from Wella is a reformulation.  The scientists behind the brand have removed ingredients known to cause reactions and basically overhauled the Koleston colouring range.

In the hair salon I was met by two young ladies, Amber and Lucy, and they were my colourists for this training.  Both girls worked at the Well’s branch of Frontlinestyle and were really excited to be out and about in Bath and loving the training.  After a quick discussion with the trainer, Fergal a plan was hatched and off to work on my hair they went.

 Colouring the roots Colouring the roots

They parted my hair down the middle and worked together colouring the roots from top to bottom.  Once this was done they disappeared for more product and came back and started again, this time working middle to neck along the length of the hair to the end, then finishing with the top section.

Within half an hour I was having the colour rinsed off and getting my head massaged. This makes you realise just how tight your scalp is!  Bliss.  I could go back just to get this done again.  On this note, I had read an article on this salon and a deep conditioning treatment which is on their treatment menu.  That reviewer gave the treatment five stars and I had intended to book in for one, but as with most things I am yet to get round to it!  Now I am going to put it on the top of my to-do list.

 Double hairdryers Double hairdryers

Back to the chair and two hairdryers.  Now I know what my dog feels like when I blast him with two hairdryers when he has had his bath!  Love it, half the drying time!  I have loads of hair so I am not a lover of drying it as it literally takes forever.  If boredom doesn’t make me quit it is because my arms are aching from holding the dryer above my head.

 Colour check from Fergal Colour check from Fergal

Team de-brief, thank you’s and off I go.  So a huge thank you to everyone at Frontlinestyle for allowing me to be a model.  I will definitely be back now to get my roots done as I absolutely love the colour and my hair feels like silk and the shine is blinding.

Thank you.

 Finished colour Finished colour

Tracy x

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