Flawless in a flash

If you want your skin to look flawless without applying layers of products and foundation then I have found a great product for you.

Origins Ginzing Tinted Moisturiser.  It is so easy, you don’t even have to be colour matched as it matches your colour.  On top of that, it comes with an SPF 40!

 Origins Ginzing Tinted Moisturiser  Origins Ginzing Tinted Moisturiser

I nipped into Jolly’s, Bath on Saturday for a facial with Jayne on Origins,  (anyone can do this their facials are complimentary) and a natter as we hadn’t seen each other since May.  I needed a tinted moisturiser but I always find the colours don’t really suit my skin tone.  Jayne told me about the Origins Ginzing Tinted Moisturiser. As well as moisturising, tinting and containing SPF 40 it also brightens and renews the skin.  A definite winner.

 Product applied to the skin Product applied to the skin

It is a lightweight creamy moisturiser that smells amazing, I find the scent really uplifting. The product is really cooling on the skin and leaves you feeling like you just gave your skin a drink of water, refreshed and ready to face the day.

I have worn it several times since Saturday, just apply and you’re done.  I even vamped it up with a little bronzer, mascara and lippy for that sun-kissed look.

Origins is a brand that is growing on me.  They are an American company, organic ingredients, plant-based and results-driven.  What’s even more impressive is their price point, it is good value for money from a leading brand.

Another quirky thing that Jayne has on her counter, return your empty pots, bottles, tubes to her, they can be from any brand and you get a stamp on your loyalty card.  Collect six and you get a free luxury sample, great news, I just forgot to take my empties with me!

 Origins recycle card - make sure to get yours. Origins recycle card – make sure to get yours.

It would be great to see more brands adopt this recycling of empty products. It is a great incentive, drives customers back to stores to talk to the consultants and help to protect the planet of all our waste.  Well done Origins.

Tracy x

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