Persistent blemishes

We all hate a blemish it causes us a lot of stress, but, we hate one even more when it will not go away and it is there month after month.

Just last week, I was at. my graduation evening when this subject was raised again.  “My skin is awful.  I’m now in my fifties and I have spots.”  It is very upsetting especially when most people who cry these words tell me they have never had a problem before with their skin.

Many years ago I found myself going through a period of repeated blemishes.  I was recommended a herbal supplement called Agnus Castus.  This ancient herbal supplement is used for relieving PMS symtoms. I found this product in Holland and Barrett.  Since then I have found it in other stores. I spoke to the assistant who confirmed that the supplement was good at regulating hormones and was actually marketed under menopause. At the time I was not suffering menopausal symptoms.

 Agnus Castus Plant Agnus Castus Plant

I was keen to give it a go and took this supplement for the next three months.  I can tell you it worked.  The repeated blemishes stopped and I have never suffered again.  I do get the odd spot but not like I used to and for this reason I recommend it to anyone who tells me about their blemishes that just won’t go away, regardless of their age.

As with all medication make sure you seek advice before taking and if you get any side effects then stop taking it.

Hope this helps you.

Tracy x

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