Scared to Death!

After a relaxing week in Dubai, I have emptied my suitcase of my holiday clothes and swopped them for winter woolies.  My return to the green, green grass of home was more like the snow and ice of the North Pole!

Nine hours after my flight touched down I’m now boarding a train to London followed by a bus to Brighton, where a new adventure in my beauty career awaits me.

As I grow old, gracefully, I asked myself ‘what do you want to do in your old age?’  As a professional beauty therapist, I love this industry but I find it strange that I don’t want to be old and wrinkly working on a cosmetic counter, or too weak to pummel someone’s muscles.

For quite a few years now I have written bits and pieces about my salon, beauty in general and even been on the radio.  So the idea of a journalist interested me, but for the beauty industry working on beauty magazines or for beauty brands.

In order to find out more I enrolled on a taster course at my local college for 4 evenings a week.  Whilst this was a course for news journalism I did enjoy it.  I obviously liked it so much that my blogging was born.  Now some two years after that short course I find myself in Brighton on an official journalist course, nctj to name it.

 A bit of light reading!

A bit of light reading!

Day one has been and gone and now at the start of day three I find myself blogging to you.

The first day has left me thinking ‘you should have gone to uni first!’  Back in my day, I love saying that now I’m older!  Anyway,  after my final exam and with two days to go before my 16th birthday, I walked out of school never to return again, some 38 years ago!  Did I say that number out loud?

What I have learnt in my first 7 hours of training is they show you the exam paper first!  Run away!  They use words that are not part of my dictionary. Wtf! I’m gonna be YouTube’s best subscriber!  A favourite word was ‘fail’. Fail to do this and that’s it, game over!  I haven’t even seen an example yet.  I don’t even know how to pitch or what’s my angle!  Upright, last time I looked, unless I’ve had too much of the old mother’s ruin, then horizontal.

My classmates were loving it.  All young, extremely well travelled and full of university life stories. Now I could go back into ‘in my day’ but I won’t.  Save it for another story.

Time is of the essence and waits for no man.  Day three starts in 55 minutes.  Gotta go clean my teethy pegs and walk that walk.  Bring it on!

Tracy x


  1. Adele Miner
    March 27, 2018 / 5:45 pm

    I am studying to get an English, Media and Cultural Studies degree at the minute and I hope to do the same as you when I am finished it! It is difficult, but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. The best of luck to you with your studies, and enjoy it! x

    • Tracy Bousfield
      March 27, 2018 / 9:14 pm

      Thank you Adele for reading my post. The nctj is full on but it will be worth it in the end! Good luck in your studies. x

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