Me Time

Well three weeks in to my journalism course in Brighton and the amount of studying has taken over my life.  Well for the next 16 weeks.

With my Friday night train journey back to Bath underway I checked into social media to find an encouraging message from my former colleague Jayne.  “Why don’t you come in for a facial” was the message.

With my commute I really only get one whole day at home, Saturday.  After having a hectic week last week and a diary appointment with my bestie, I just wanted to be in my own house and not venture out.

“How about next Saturday?” I messaged back.  After a short conversation it was in the diary.

 The lovely Jayne. The lovely Jayne.

Jayne, she works for Origins a brand I have worked alongside, but have only dabbled with a few of their products.

Origins are plant based products, that have been around since 1990.  It is an original brand from the Estee Lauder Companies.

 Origins products  Origins products

It is always great to walk into where you have worked for a long time and everyone is pleased to see you and eager to find out how your new adventure is panning out.

After a few minutes of chit chat I get my facial.  First Jayne hands you the mirror.  OMG! Really Jayne?  I look so tired, bags under my eyes.  Too many late nights writing shorthand.  I don’t really have any concerns with my skin, just the fact that it is a little bit older.  Can’t stop that!

My skin is cleansed using Gentle cleansing oil.  Smells amazing.  I love products that are pleasing to my senses.  After massaging the product over the skin you only need to add a drop of water to turn it into a milk.  I asked Jayne if it had gone foamy as it now felt really creamy.

This was removed and Jayne exfoliated, added serums and hydrators and generally made me feel pampered despite all the conversations going on with my former colleagues.

Glow-co-nuts a new hydrating coconut mask was applied to my face.  I just love the smell of coconut, it has that just good holiday feel to it.  This was a must to have.  She even gave my husband a sample to try.  He needs all the help he can get!  Did I say that out loud?  Chuckle.

Treatment over and thank you Jayne.  All this for free as it is all part of the service from Origins.  Jayne knows her stuff and has the kindest heart, so if ever you are near Jolly’s in Bath put it on your must visit list.  You won’t be disappointed.  As for Origins this is a brand that delivers amazing products and I can’t wait to try more.

Tracy x

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