Second verse same as the first!

After being re-heated last week, I’m back at Sam’s clinic in Bristol for more.

This week will be a repeat of last week as you would have the inch-loss treatment as a course of eight.  This week, Sam doesn’t measure me as that will be done again at the end of a course.

We start off with the cavitation again.  This was the sonic wave element where you get the ringing in your ears.  I had forgotten about this until Sam put the machine on my stomach, but this time as soon as I heard it I relaxed, settled back, and enjoyed the treatment!

In order for my treatment to be a success I need to look at my lifestyle and diet – so less of the bad choices for the next few weeks!

Each time you have the treatment you are destroying more of your fat cells.  Unlike the Fat Freezing, which you can only have once in any one area in six months, with the inch-loss treatment you have to allow four days between treatments.  I can only fit one in each week as life gets in the way.  I would love to go more frequently as I would see the results quicker, but I will take the scenic route for the time being!

Before I know it the whole treatment is over again!  No discomfort, no downtime, no pain.

After Sam reminding me of the homecare again, I’m free to go.

With my holiday looming this treatment has come at the right time for me.

See you next week Sam.

However, if you want to catch up with her, then call 01173257974.

Tracy x

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