Work in Progress!

Oh Dear!  Talk about the camera never lies!

When I met Sam at her Bristol clinic, she happily snapped away for my before photo’s.  Stand there, hands on head, turn left, turn right!  However she never shared them with me.

Today was my fourth treatment.  Due to a course I am due to attend I am not going to be able to complete 8 treatments.  Looking at my before picture, I think it was more than mince pies I was overindulging on at Christmas!

Sam would not normally take photo’s after four sessions, but as I wanted to share this journey with you she obliged.

In four sessions I have lost 11 cm.  If you remember I had the fat freezing on my first meeting with Sam and this along with the cavitation is going to carry on dispersing from my body over the next few weeks and months.  I am happy with my loss as this was just an experiment for me.

I will keep up Sam’s good work with getting back in the gym and watching my diet.  Whilst I don’t follow a diet plan I am a firm believer in a healthy diet, I always cook from scratch.  The most important being to make sure that I keep my water intake up.

I would totally recommend these treatments for anyone who is looking to improve their body and who wants to lose inches.  I am hoping to have shrunk even more over the coming months as I would really love to have a picture to be proud of.

Thank you to Sam for her good work and friendship.  Remember you can contact Sam 0117 325 7974

Tracy x

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