Who is Sam?

Yay!  I’m back again.  Got to keep on top of the war on my fat cells.

Did I really do that?  Can’t believe that I have bared my wobbly bits to the world on social media! All in the name of beauty and educating people about this great treatment.

So, I’m back in Bristol for another round of my inch-loss treatment with Sam.  She’s not so well this week, she has the onset of a cold.  As she’s self employed she can’t ring in sick.  However, a quick visit to the chemist and she’s starting to feel better.

As I have talked you through the elements of my treatment process, I thought I would talk about Sam this week.  So who is Sam?

 The lovely Sam. The lovely Sam.

Samantha Webb.  A professional beauty therapist.  Mother of two young children who lives in Bristol.  Sam trained in beauty therapy at the Brunel College in Bristol back in 1995.  After working in beauty salons around the Bath and Bristol area,  she came across 3d-lipo treatment and having a desire to work for herself she set up her clinic in Bridgeyate.  As her children were now going to school having her own business just seemed right, as she would be able to schedule her clients around her duties as a mum.

Sam initially set up her business with a partner, but was soon able to take on the business herself. She has now been offering Fat Freezing and 3d-lipo for over a year now and has had some amazing results.  “Once my clients are happy with their results they have achieved I only then see them for a maintenance treatment Sam said, which helps keep them where they are most happiest”.

For Sam, she has great drive to keep growing her business. Helping her clients achieve their body goals and to feel good about themselves.

 Sam concentrating on those fat cells! Sam concentrating on those fat cells!

You can find Sam’s Clinic at The Carriage Works, London Road, Bridgeyate, Bristol BS30 5NA  She also has a facebook page https://facebook.com/bodyreskulpting/  check it out for all her latest offers, images and competitions.

See you next week

Tracy x

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