What’s in store this week?

Last week I was being frozen to -6 and this week I’m back to see Sam at Re-Skulpt Clinic in Bridgeyate, Bristol, to be re-heated!

Today’s session is going to be a variety of procedures.

Sam takes my measurements around my stomach, as this was the area that I had frozen by her  last week.  You can have any area frozen, but I thought I would start here.

The first procedure is called ‘Cavitation’.  This is a massage using sonic waves.  The sonic waves cause the fat cells to shake which creates an air bubble to form in the cell.  This will then destroy the cell which will be flushed out of the body naturally.  Note to self – drink more water!

After applying a conducting gel to the skin (prepare for a cold shock) to act as a massage medium, Sam begins massaging on my left side.  The massage head feels quite warm as it massages away.  During this massage, the sonic wave makes your ears sing!  This only happens when the machine is in contact with the skin as the wave is passing through the body.  However, after a few minutes I got used to it and didn’t really notice it.

Cavitation process part of the fat freezing procedure

This cavitation process went all the way across my lower abdomen and then across the top.

When this was finished, I thought that was the end of my treatment. Oh no, you’re not going yet!  Now I was treated to High Frequency, a heat treatment over the area where I had loose skin.  The skin is heated to +40 degrees with another hand-held tool.  Periodically, Sam would pause and, using a thermometer, check the temperature before moving on again.  Ironing out the rough spots!  Isn’t that a song lyric?

Ironing out the rough spots

This really was a pleasant sensation as I like anything that warms me up!  I just love getting into a warm bed after my heated blanket has been on!

Checking the skin temperature

Finally, I was rollered and vacuum suctioned all in one.  This device bobbed over my stomach making me giggle as it felt really weird.  It really felt like this was deeply moving all those cells around.

Rolling the skin and vacuum suction

Now I was free to go!  But, via the tape measure.  Sam accurately re-measured me again.  No pulling of the tape measure tighter either.

Over the three areas she had marked at the beginning there was an amazing inch loss of 10cm.  Yep, I’m definitely liking this treatment.

You can book this inch loss treatment as a course.  Ideally you would have one each week for 8 weeks.  You must also think about your diet and lifestyle as well.

I am so impressed with todays treatment that I have booked to go back for the next few weeks as I go on holiday at the end of February and I need all the help I can get!

Join me next week for another instalment on my Re-Skulpt journey.

In the meantime, Sam’s advice is free!  Call her on 0117 325 7974 or you can drop her a line on info@re-skulptclinic.co.uk

Take the stress out of losing inches.

Tracy x



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