I’m Freezing!

Can you pinch more than an inch?  I’ll answer yes to that!

Have the Christmas festivities left you with a surplus on your body?  Another ‘Yes’ from me!  Even though its now mid-January, I feel like it’s taken me ages to kick the bad food habits.

Looking back I think my Christmas eating had started in November! My gym visits were getting less by December and non-existent by the time January chimed in.

Today I’m a bit anxious.  Later I’m off to see Sam at Re-Skulpt clinic  for my very first 3d-lipomed treatment.

The consultation form is very in-depth, and that’s probably what has made me feel this way.  However, when in the presence of a qualified professional, I am put at my ease.

 Filling in the consultation form

Filling in the consultation form


As professional beauty therapists part of our training is to always receive any treatment which we are trained to perform, so that we know what to expect and are able to put our clients at ease.

When I got to Sam’s clinic in Bridgeyate, Bristol, she was already set up for me.  Camera ready, she took pictures of my ever expanding waist from three angles (Please burn after developing!  I’m not sure I can take looking at them!).  Then she added marker pen to line up the suction cups.

 X marks the spot!

X marks the spot!

Before the cups were positioned on the skin, Sam let me feel the suction coming from the machine.  It was hardly detectable!  The skin is protected by a wet sterile sheet to act as a barrier, so no damage is caused to the skin by the freezing.

When the suction cups were placed on my skin, I thought that, by looking at the amount of skin in the cup, that it would feel like my stomach was being sucked up by a hoover!  It never did.  Sam said I would feel a numbness after a while and I can’t really say I did.  My skin felt cold.  It never felt like it was freezing.  So these two cups stayed attached to my stomach for one hour.  

At this point you can relax for the hour.  Read a book, listen to music, close your eyes and even sleep.  Not us!  Two beauty therapists who don’t know when to shut up.!

 Sam at work with the photographic evidence!

Sam at work with the photographic evidence!

Well the hour went in the blink of an eye.  Before removing the cups, Sam said that the area would feel cold and wet.  When I touched my stomach I thought it would feel frozen like an ice cube.  No, just cold.  As the fat cells have now been crystallised, Sam massaged the area to move them about.  After going through the homecare – no heat treatments, hot baths, sunbeds for the next 48 hours – I was good to go.  

I felt fine.  The coldness on my stomach seemed to disappear without me noticing.  It now takes up to three months for these fat cells to disperse through the body.  

You can only have this fat freezing treatment once every six months, and during this time around 40% of fat cells are reduced.  Basically, the fat cells are crystallised and turn into fluid as they defrost.  As I said, they then flush out of the body.  You can have other areas treated but never the same area twice within this six month period,

At the moment Sam has a special offer on this treatment.  It normally costs £125 per cup.  However, for the New Year she has now got this amazing offer.  During January and February you can get 1 cup for £99, and 2 cups for £149.  A great price to get you on that road to a new you.  This is cheaper than most facials.  

Feel like giving it a go?  Call Sam on 0117 325 7974

Tracy x

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