Re-Skulpt – Fat Loss Adventure

No matter what you do it’s still there! You’ve been committed to the diet. You’ve exercised on a regular basis. Had the baby.  Slimmed back down into your jeans.

However, you still have the muffin top.  The baby pouch. The love handles. Even the 12 pack!

Not anymore.  Help is now here!  What you need is 3D-lipomed.  A powerful three dimensional alternative to liposuction.

Today, I met Samantha Webb a professional beauty therapist and the owner of Re-Skulpt Clinic in Bridgeyate near Bath and Bristol.

This salon has the answer to getting rid of this stubborn fat.  3D-lipomed. Now as a professional I had heard of this, but to be honest I hadn’t paid it any attention because I presumed that it was way out of my price bracket.

Today Sam told me everything I needed to know.  This non-invasive treatment can do many things:

Fat Removal using what is called Ultrasound Cavitation.  In a nutshell, this is based on a low-frequency ultrasound.  The pressure of this ultrasound on the fat cell membrane causes it to collapse and disintegrates into liquid.  Your body then flushes this out of your system naturally.

Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing).  The machine targets an area of concern and, using what I would describe as, like vacuum suction, a temperature of -6 degrees is applied and maintained until it causes damage to the fat cells.  These damaged cells now begin a natural process of leaving the body for up to three months.

With a reduction of fat of up to 40% with NO PAIN, NO downtime AND results, and can normally be seen after only one session!

Where do I sign up for this?

Join me on a journey of discovery and fat loss.

Appointment booked!

If you can’t wait for my next instalment you can contact Sam on 01173257974

Tracy x

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