Thinnest to Thickest

‘What order do I use my products?’ is a question I am often asked. The best way to remember it is ‘Thinnest to Thickest’.

After cleansing your skin, you would begin layering your products with the thinnest product, a serum.  When applying make sure that the first products onto the skin are water-based and not oil.  Water will not penetrate oil so your oil product will go on last.

Serums are packed with active ingredients and are made with smaller molecules than those in a cream.

A simple analogy for you is; take two glasses filled with crushed ice.

Two jugs, one filled with skimmed milk and one filled with double cream.

Pour the two jugs together over the ice and you will see that the skimmed milk will go straight to the bottom of the glass, whilst the double cream will work its way down.

This is what is happening with your products.

I hope this helps.

Tracy x

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