Merry Christmas Ditty

So, I survived working 7 days in a row in beauty retail!  Its definitely hard work on the feet!

We’ve chatted, and smiled, stood next to you and smiled.

Guessed what your shopping for, looked at your pictures and walked miles on this shop floor.

Come up with ideas, listened to every word with both our ears!

We’ve smiled and been pleasant, even wrapped your present!

Christmas shoppers have their ups and downs, even caused us to have a frown.

We applied your make-up,

Cleansed your skin,

Colour matched, moisturised and even patched it up!

Talked you through your routine, co-created it and taught you all about hygiene.

No fingers in jars, especially if you’ve been eating chocolate bars.

A rice grain of eye cream, because this skin is so thin.

If you overload it, it will become fat, not slim!

And don’t forget your skin that’s south of your chin.

Exfoliate and buff otherwise it will be too tough!

Treat it with love, remember to shower and scrub.

Summer is on its way and you can bet you’ll want your best friend ‘skin’ to come out to play.

So, on our one day off

Remember that a life in retail can be tough.

But tomorrow our beauty department will be open

Our beauty staff all smiles, Christmas forgotten

With only days until New Year’s Eve

Remember we are always here to please!

Merry Christmas

Tracy x

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