The Beauty Industry

How did it get so big?

I was just scrolling through Bloglovin looking for some beauty blogs to read.  What I realised is that there are so many blogs which are all about product reviews.  How do all these beauty companies make money when they are up against so many other companies?  How do they make their products different?  I used to believe that there was no miracle in a bottle.  Now I just don’t know.  I think I have read so much that my mind doesn’t know what to believe.  I’ve always been a believer in using specific products if there is hard research evidence to back it up.  I remember being absolutely sold on Guinot’s Longue Vie Cellulaire.  In my early days as a beauty therapist, I was on my initial training with Guinot, a leading French skincare brand and it was here that I learn’t this amazing cream contained 56 active cellular ingredients and was developed in a hospital burns unit.  I loved it.  Loved the smell of it and totally believed that this cream was doing something for my skin.

Looking back in time, 30 years ago it didn’t seem like there were that many skincare brands.  Obviously there was, but they had a bigger share of the market then.  They were the brands that paved the way for todays younger brands.

The one thing I love about the beauty industry is the constant innovation.  I now work in retail and ask myself why I like this section of the industry.  For me it is the products, the ingredients, innovation and the science.  I love the way the internet and social media have bought us so many new brands.  I just can’t wait to try them all.  I’m like a kid in a sweet shop!

I would love to see all the beauty brands, big and small under one roof, just to visualise the sheer scale of it.

Tracy x